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May 28, 2015

MASW Board of Directors 2013 – 2014

               Executive Committee

 President: Marcia Hayes-Harris, St. Louis (13)

1st Vice President: Debra Pratt, St. Louis (13)

2nd Vice President: Pam LaFrenz, Marshall (12)

Secretary: Debi Word, Jefferson City (12)

Treasurer: Kevin Kelly, Columbia (13)

Immediate Past President: Stuart Murphy, Jefferson City (13)

Board Members-at-Large

Joanne Sebelien, Lee's Summit (12)

Don Love, Columbia (12)

Angela Roffle, St. Louis (12)

Ann Harris, Jefferson City (12)

Phyllis Harris, Kansas City (12)

Emily Althueser, Jefferson City (12)

Neal Colby, Kansas City (13)

Anne Durbin Scott, Jefferson City (13)

Susie Cason, Moberly (13)

Lawrence Leip, Jefferson City (13)

              Task Force Chairs

Affordable Housing & Homelessness:
Vickie Riddle

Criminal Justice:
Barbara Baker
, St. Louis

Economic Justice:
Angela Roffle and Debi Pratt

Health/Mental Health:
Joe Yancy, St. Louis

Human Rights:
Carol Zablocki
, Springfield

GLenn Koenen, St. Louis

              Chapter Chairs

Central: Stu Murphy

Kansas City: Dena DeSimone-Sextro

St. Louis: Michael Klein

Springfield: Cindy Baker

Lincoln University Student Chapter:Alan Luetkemeyer

Forest Park Community College Student Chapter: Michael Williams III

Southeast University Student Chapter: Jerry Pinkston

              Board Committee Chairs

112th Annual Conference Planning Committee:
Pam LaFrenz

Board Development - Nominating Committee:
Stuart Murphy, Jefferson City

Endowment Fund Committee:
Fr. Bill Hutchison, St. Louis

Revenue Development Committee
Joanna Sebelien, Kansas City

Membership Committee
To be appointed

Message & Communications Committee
Deborah Pratt, St. Louis

Finance Committee
Ann Durbin Scott, Jefferson City

Ad Hoc Committee on Outcome Measures
Marcia Hayes-Harris, St. Louis

Structure of MASW Board

MASW members elect the officers and at-large members of the MASW Board of Directors.  The Board Development - Nominating Committee submits a slate of proposed officers and at-large board members for approval at the Annual Members' Meeting, held at MASW's Annual Conference.  The most recent election was Friday, November 4, 2011.

Terms for officers are two years, with the President, 2nd Vice President, and Treasurer elected in odd-numbered years, and the 1st Vice President and Secretary elected in even-numbered years.  The sixth officer is the Immediate Past President, whose term is concurrent with the President's.

Terms for at-large board members are two years, with six seats elected in even-numbered years, and six seats elected in odd-numbered years.  The numbers in parentheses above indicated that the officer's or at-large member's term will expire in 2012 (12) or 2013 (13).

In addition to the 18 people elected to the board (officer or at-large) by MASW members at our annual statewide meeting, each of MASW's local chapters elects a local board, and the chair of that board automatically is part of the MASW statewide board of directors.

Also, anyone appointed by the board as chair of a task force (concerned with a particular area of public policy) or board committee (concerned with organizational issues of the association) is, by virtue of that chair position, a member of the MASW Board of Directors.  Most, but not all, of the current task force and board committee chairs are elected at-large board members or officers.  Each person on the board has one vote, even if they hold more than one position that includes board membership.

Are you interested in becoming a board member? Please complete the Application for Board of Directors and mail, fax, or e-mail it to MASW, Attention: Bob Quinn, Executive Director.

Updated: 11/07/2011

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