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July 31, 2014


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WELCOME to the Missouri Association for Social Welfare!

It is the mission of MASW to provide the leadership, research, education and advocacy to improve public
policies and programs impacting the health and welfare of all people in Missouri.

We hope that our website allows you to learn about MASW, such as

Please feel free to contact us at (573)634-2901 or joxford@masw.org if you have any questions!
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August 5th Primary Election Ballot


Several very imporatnt ballot measures will be voted upon this coming Tuesday, August 5, and MASW has endorsed a no position on three of them. For justice to be done, you must go vote. (Vote absentee as soon as possible if you cannot make it to your polling place on Aug. 5.)

More than two million dollars has been raised in support of Amendment 7 - almost entirely in checks of $5,000 or more from the companies that stand to profit. This avalanche of massive checks, some as large as $160,000, is being spent in an attempt to convince Missourians that a regressive sales tax is the best way to fund our state’s transportation needs. Outrageous!

One out of five Missourians in non-elderly households live with incomes of less than $17,000 per year. These families already pay 5.9% of their incomes in sales and excise taxes. See report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy at: http://www.itep.org/pdf/mo.pdf

Amendment 1 would increase the state sales and use tax rates in Missouri by almost 18%. This change would make our already unfair, outdated, and inadequate tax system even worse. Click here to learn more about Amendment 7: http://www.votenoamendment7.com/

To volunteer to  door knock, phone bank, or work the polls against Amendment 7, click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18ngyzzr1QB2kb0r2vGF1efl0jZh3URGqkYQWqIvIrCM/viewform

To download a No on 7 video to share with friends, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3z47lga2fU&feature=youtu.be


No on Amendment 1 on August 5

More accurately labeled “Right to Harm” than farm, if Amendment 1 becomes the law, Missouri’s local governments may lose their ability to stop agriculture corporations from polluting and contaminating our state.  Property values could sharply decline in areas where Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and corporate farms exist. Stand with family farmers and the MO Rural Crisis Center: Vote No on Amendment 1.

No on Amendment 5 on August 5

Amendment 5 seeks to amend the MO Constitution to state that the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right. Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker and St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce have written a letter opposing the proposal which states “The Constitution and laws of our State already protect the hunter, the lawful citizen, and those acting in self-defense....the only ones that stand to benefit from this new language are gang members, drug dealers, domestic abusers, and other criminals.”

The fiscal note for Amendment 5 acknowledges: “….the proposal’s passage will likely lead to increased litigation and criminal justice related costs. The total potential costs are unknown, but could be significant.” Vote No on Amendment 5. 

For an economic justice analysis of all FIVE ballot measures (Amendments 1, 5, 7, 8 and 9), click here.

Remember all it takes for injustice to triumph is for caring people to stay home on August 5. Please vote NO on Amendments 1, 5 and 7. I welcome your questions.

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MIssourians to end poverty

Want to see the latest report on poverty for Missouri?

Click here for the latest State of the State: Poverty in Missouri report released January 15, 2014.

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$$$$$  See how much money Missouri has lost by NOT expanding Medicaid. $$$$

We are still focusing on Medicaid Expansion. Check out this article that explains what effects Missouri will incur by NOT expanding Medicaid.

Thanks to everyone who attended our forum on August 9!
Testifying 101

Politicians and talk show pundits are claiming a study in Oregon proves that Medicaid is not effective in improving health outcomes. Not so! Read the facts here: OR Medicaid Experiment Fact Sheet

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All meetings can be attended via conference call. Please contact the Chair person listed for each meeting in order to receive the call-in information.

Central Chapter Meeting
Wednesday August 20, 11:30 am.
MASW Headquarters
606 E. Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, MO
contact: Pam Rich

Human Rights Task Force Meeting
Thursday, August 28, 1:30-3:30 p.m.
MASW Headquarters
606 E. Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, MO
contact: Don Love



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